mySága   The brainchild of like-minded individuals with extensive experience in the corporate world and  academia  –  aims to  associate the learning community  with the training community to  facilitate well-rounded  education. Going beyond curricula, our programs focus on real-world working knowledge and the soft skills needed to succeed in the professional arena. We strive to be not just another resource,but your learning partner and your BFF, bringing you the best learning/training experience anywhere, anytime.

Zen of mySága

  • Pedagogy is driven by passion
  • Pedagogy is the only profession that makes other professions possible
  • Training is beyond curriculum
  • Trainer is a learner for life
  • Trainer stays updated at all times
  • Trainer constantly looks for opportunities to learn
  • Training is the greatest act of optimism
  • The art of training is the art of assisting discovery
  • There is no wrong question
  • There is no bad learner

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